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Watchdog Monitoring Services

What is Watchdog? 

Watchdog services monitor your company's critical servers and workstations, providing reports on memory and hard drive usage, temperature, and much more.  These reports can be viewed via your own personalized web interface, meaning you can monitor your small business' computer infrastructure in realtime 24x7.  Watchdog also sends alerts when critical components fail, providing your staff or HCS technicians with notice of important events. Alerts can be delivered via email or text message.

How can Watchdog help your small business?

The purpose of Watchdog services is to catch small problems before they become costly disasters.  Knowing if your servers or workstations are low on resources or running hot allows you to be proactive about support issues.  Today's business world relies extremely heavily on their computer systemsl.  By catching IT problems before they become whole system failures, your business will save downtime.  Instant notification of critical failures allow HCS technicianss know about problems the moment they happen 24x7.   Instead of contacting us, we contact you!

Watchdog is customized to fit your needs.

  • Monitor Windows, Mac, or Linux Servers or Workstations
  • Send alerts via email or text message to anyone on your staff, your current IT provider, or HCS technicians!
  • Services start as low as $10 per month!*  Contact us today for a quote!


*Setup fees do apply.

Nimbus Cloud Backup

HCS now offers "Nimbus" cloud backup service.

Packages start as low at $10 a month!

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