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IT Support for the "New Normal"

March 26, 2020


The recent COVID-19 pandemic has changed all our lives.

Office workers have become telecommuters.

Parents and grandparents have become teachers. 

Dining rooms are now home offices and classrooms.

We are all adjusting and learning to navigate the “new normal”.  In the new normal, staying connected is more vital than ever.  Whatever the new normal is for you, Higgins Computer Services is ready to support you. 

Higgins Computer Services offers:

  • Remote IT support for your home offices and classrooms.
  • Secure remote connections to your office.
  • Managed antivirus, web filters, and backups to protect what’s important. 
  • Cloud storage solutions, so your data is available anywhere you are.

Together we will get through this crisis. Until that time, let Higgins Computer Services help you navigate your “new normal."

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