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It's 10PM... Do you know where your data is?

July 23, 2020

It's 10PM... Do you know where your data is?


The Covid-19 pandemic quickly changed the business world, leaving many small businesses little time to plan. Almost overnight, traditional in-house employees became remote workers. Thankfully, the technology to make this transition possible is readily available. Cloud services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and One Drive make it easy to access critical work documents from home.


This leads to important questions. Where is your data, who has control over it? Did employees create free Dropbox accounts when they transitioned to work from home? Did they use their own personal accounts? If so, does this mean if the employee leaves the company, does your data leave with them?


Another question is how your employees are accessing your data. Are they using the family computer? Is it the same computer their kids use to play games and download music? Is that computer patched? Are they running up to date anti-virus? In all “work from home” scenarios, businesses owners must ask the following questions:

  • What services are we using to sync files?
  • Are those services registered with company accounts, not personal?
  • Are these files being backed up? Keep in mind, just because it's on the cloud doesn't mean it's protected.
  • How is this data being accessed?


Higgins Computer Services can create a “work from home” plan that fits your company's budget AND protects your data.

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