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Ticket System Coming Soon!

Oops! Our ticket system isn't up and running yet, so we're taking your tickets the old-fashioned way... by telephone.

Call (419) 496-6892 for now, and check back soon to use our new ticket system!

Quit Hitting the Panic Button

The "Break / Fix Service Model" may save money in the short term but it doesn't provide peace of mind or prevent calamity. We're in the business of preventing calamity.

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Higgins IT Managed Services

Managed Services allows Higgins to set up the service and backup for your business while providing ongoing, proactive monitoring. Whether a backup fails or a virus gets caught, they will be your front-line IT department.

We offer two tiers of managed services, each customized to your business’s size and needs. Our service packages are based around three layers of services: Support, Security, and Data Protection.


Higgins HCS Support, Ashland, Ohio

Designed with the smaller business in mind, HCS Support provides critical core services at a cost-effective price.

Call us at (419) 496-6892 for a free consultation to get a customized solution/quote for HCS Support.

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HCS Manage, Ashland, Ohio, Higgins

Our premier service offering, providing more robust continuity services to keep your mid-sized business running securely and efficiently.

Call us at (419) 496-6892 for a free consultation to get a customized solution/quote for HCS Management.

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