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Quit Hitting the Panic Button

Hiring someone to troubleshoot your system, “fix” a problem, or set up a data backup may solve your IT problems in the moment. But what happens when the backup fails or you discover a data breach after the damage has already been done?

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Higgins IT Managed Services

Managed Services allows Jarrod and his team to set up the service and backup for your business while providing ongoing, proactive monitoring. Whether a backup fails or a virus gets caught, they will be your front-line IT department.

We offer two tiers of managed services:


HCS Support

The HCS Support option is ideal for the smaller business that doesn’t have an IT department. We provide general maintenance and monitoring for your system with a plan tailored to your business.

Call us at (419) 496-6892 for a free consultation to get a customized solution/quote for HCS Support.

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HCS Management

If your company already has an IT department that is stretched too thin, HCS Management is your solution. We provide antivirus and monitoring for known security vulnerabilities, along with active monitoring for all systems.

Call us at (419) 496-6892 for a free consultation to get a customized solution/quote for HCS Management.

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