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The customer requests and authorizes HIGGINS COMPUTER SERVICES LLC to examine, modify and attempt to repair any and all problems found with the computer system, data storage device, ALL files, and any peripherals left by the Customer on the premises of the Customer. The Customer understands a bench fee may apply if The Customer declines to purchase replacement parts required to complete the repair.  The customer authorizes HIGGINS COMPUTER SERVICES LLC to replace or modify any internet security software with freely available alternatives and to install an alternative web browser to protect the computer from Internet threats at their discretion and without prior notification.

The Customer agrees NOT to hold HIGGINS COMPUTER SERVICES LLC responsible in any way for the failure or functionality of any and all hardware or software associated with The Customers computer, peripherals or data storage device, including any failure that occurs while attempting repair. The Customer accepts ALL RISK associated with any repair or attempted repair or any other action by HIGGINS COMPUTER SERVICES LLC on any and all of the Customer’s computers connected or unconnected by networks.

The Customer agrees NOT to hold HIGGINS COMPUTER SERVICES LLC responsible in any way for the loss or corruption or consequences of the failure to recover any data or software residing on the Customer’s computer system or data storage device. 

DATA BACKUP POLICY:  Unless requested, HIGGINS COMPUTER SERVICES LLC will NOT perform any data backup on customer’s computer systems.  If a data backup is requested, all data will be restored back on the customer’s computer system per their instructions after the repair.  Customer’s backup data will be kept for 7 business days after completion of repair.  After this 7 day period the backup will be destroyed.  For an additional cost, a full data backup can be provided to the customer on media of their choosing.

30 DAY LABOR GUARANTEE:  Our work is guaranteed for 30 days upon completion of job.  Diagnostic/labor fees are non-refundable. We will not be held liable for lost or damaged data due to viruses/hardware failure, undeclared problems, or newly discovered problems. If your machine develops a new symptom within the 30 day period after your machine was repaired, the new symptom will be treated as a new repair and incur our usual and customary rate.  

NO TROUBLE FOUND:  Occasionally we will receive a machine for repair that we cannot find a problem with or duplicate the problem described. In cases such as this, there will be a troubleshooting charge. If the problem with your machine reoccurs within 30 days, we will apply the previous charge to the new service provided.  If there is an additional charge, you will be notified before the work is done.

MALWARE / VIRUS INFECTION: We provide what we believe is the best protection against viruses and spyware at the time of service. However, 100% protection against such threats does not exist. If you get re-infected within 30 days, we will analyze the situation to see if you qualify for a discounted removal fee.

PAYMENT:  Payment is due upon receipt of invoice.  Invoices more than 30 days past due will begin incurring late fees of 10% or $5, whichever is greater.  HIGGINS COMPUTER SERVICES LLC accepts cash and checks made payable to Higgins Computer Services LLC.   A $30 charge will be applied to all returned checks. 

TRAVEL:  The Customer authorizes HIGGINS COMPUTER SERVICES LLC to transport the Customer’s computer back to the HCS workshop to be serviced.  A receipt will be left with the Customer.  Pickup and delivery outside of Ashland City Limits may incur additional travel expense fees. 

PARTS AND WARRANTY: We will contact you before ordering parts that are not stocked with an estimate of the cost of the part and the amount of the labor cost involved. All parts are ordered with your consent. A deposit may be required for parts that are not stocked.  When we order parts on your behalf, you will be charged for the parts and any associated labor cost. There are no returns or exchanges. Our vendors will not allow us to return parts for credit. Parts replaced within the manufacturer’s warranty period may be new or refurbished and are covered by the remaining manufacturer’s warranty. Parts warranty is by the manufacturer or vendor. For non-warranty work, parts may be new, used or refurbished, and the warranty period can vary. Customers will be charged for any return shipping charges. We are not responsible for service transit times for parts that are ordered.

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